Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence affects thousands of men, women, and families throughout the Sacramento Metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Domestic Violence is actual violence or threats of immediate violence by a parent, child, spouse, ex-husband or ex-wife, partner you live with or have lived with, present or past boyfriend or girlfriend, and/or the father or mother of your child.

California Law is very firm with regard to the prevention of domestic violence. Therefore, the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA) provides victims with multiple avenues to stop the violence. The DVPA allows for temporary and/or long term restraining orders against an abusive person as well as temporary or long term child custody and visitation as-well-as child support orders affecting the victim’s children. Furthermore, victims of domestic violence can use the DVPA to remove the abusive person from the household as well as regain control of material possessions such as a vehicle or household goods and furniture. In some cases, victims may also be eligible to collect money from the California Victim Compensation Program to help reduce the costs associated with abandoning the dangerous environment and relocation to a safer environment.

This office has experience filing and prosecuting hundreds of restraining orders and is prepared to assist you handle this highly sensitive subject in a professional and confidential manner that seeks to achieve your desired outcome.


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